Fostering relationships to build an ASPBAE for the future – by Dorothy Lucardie, ALA

Today at the Festival of Learning, Robbie Guevara, President of ASPBAE, reminded us that standing back and waiting for space to promote our ideas and issues is not productive but rather we should be looking to “carve out the space” we need in order to advocate. The establishment of ASPBAE 50 years ago was an example of a collective of like minds carving out the space that we as ASPBAE still occupy.

Through out today we have had the opportunity to hear from those who have been involved in ASPBAE over the past 50 years and this has underscored to me the commitment that many people in all member countries and organisations have contributed to such a successful organisation.

The importance of building relationships with others in the organisation was proposed as a key building block and one that we should continue to establish with other delegates to the Festival of Learning in order to continue to build the organisation for the future.


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