ASPBAE in the forefront for an education goal in the global arena – A blog by Uwe Gartenschlaeger, DVV International

2015 will be a decisive year for the adult education community. Using the celebration of the 50th Anniversary to get prepared for this discussion was a fantastic idea of the leadership of ASPBAE. Different to Europe, where EAEA – my own organization – is not paying too much attention on this topic, ASPBAE was and is in the forefront of the movement for a decent education goal in the global arena.

Listening to the presentations and discussions of the last days, I would like to share some observations:

  • We should take care not to lose our focus on NFE and Adult education. The formal education system has several very strong advocates, it is the non-formal and informal education, which is neglected quite regular,
  • The discourse in education is strongly interconnected with other discourses about the future of our planet: Climate change, health issues, gender and social equality just to mention a few.
  • We should intensify our efforts to link up with the youth movement. Non-formal educators must constantly try to adapt to the problems, mindsets and languages of young people, who are facing multiple challenges today: orientation in a complex world, finding decent jobs and income, having a clear set of values are some of them.
  • Methods of teaching are in the center of our business. The learning process matters, let’s not limit ourselves to the outcome discourse
  • And last but not least: Money matters! If education is a human right and public good, NFE is an integral part and should be financed!

Congratulations to ASPBAE, all its members and staff – lets be united for another 50 years of struggle and passion for Youth and Adult Education!

Uwe Gartenschlaeger, DVV International, Vice-President of EAEA


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